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Kerschbaumer Dining Table

Nicole and her fiance, Jorg Kerschbaumer were renovationg their kitchen and decided that the remodel should be designed around a custom dining room table. So they commissioned me to make them this live edge dining room table. The table top is made of salvaged cherry trees, which came from a farmers field in Courtenay, B.C. The table measures six and a half feet long and four feet wide without the end leafs, and just over ten feet long with the two leafs. Once the table was completed it was packaged and shipped off to Italy. The steel legs and leaf extions were made by Jorg's uncle once the table arrived in Europe. Finished with a polyurethane and beeswax finish. On a side note, Nicole and Jorg were drawn to cherry because of its beautiful color and figure, but also because Kerschbaumer (their last name) translates to cherry farmer in english.  

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