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Live Timber creates unique pieces of furniture made from sustainably sourced and locally salvaged trees. Many trees fall from natural causes or are cut down because of illness, intrusion or new development. We work with homeowners, tree service companies and local municipalities to source the wood before it ends up in the wood chipper, fire pit or the landfill. We take special care and attention when milling the trees to ensure that we showcase the distinctive features of each individual tree. The furniture we design and create evolves around the unique character of the wood; we strive to tell the story of the trees we use. We aim to make unique and timeless pieces of furniture for your home that can be enjoyed for generations to come. 



Live Timber is a full service design studio. We work with individuals, designers and companies to bring their visions and ideas to life. We start on paper and sketch out a few different concepts and then produce 3D rendered drawings in Sketch Up. Once any changes and tweaks are made then we can put the piece into production. 

Tree pickup

We offer a free log pick up service. If you have a fallen tree on your property and need it removed we will come and haul it away free of charge if the wood is of desired size and species.



We provide a custom milling service for large trees. Most sawmills can only handle trees that are 24 inches in diameter or smaller. If you have a tree larger than that and want to get full width boards, we offer an alaskan milling service that can handle trees up to 50 inches in diameter. We will come to you and mill it on site.