I have always been a visual being, with a desire to create. Initially, I was drawn to art and photography but in my mid 20’s I started crafting things out of wood. I don’t have any traditional woodwork training; everything has been self-taught. Through trial and error I have learned to figure things out along the way.

Most of my furniture spawns from an image in my mind. It’s always amazing to see an idea take shape into something that is real and tangible. I invest so much focus and attention on a piece of furniture that every single one means something to me. The amazing thing about working with wood is that every tree and every board has its own character and distinctive beauty. I think of my pieces not only as a piece of furniture, but as a canvas for the wood itself.

I want to create things for people who are looking for a piece to endure generations, to grow with a family, not for something that is going to be changed out with the seasons or trends of fashion.

I am very fortunate to have found this career. I want to encourage my children that it is possible to be inspired, excited and passionate about what you do in life. 

Sascha and his son Cohen Porteous standing next to a large slab of western maple salvaged from Vancouver Island.

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