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Farnham Home Renovation

This renovation was pretty extensive and it covered a lot of ground. First off, the bathrooms. We did a complete overhaul of two bathrooms, from floor to ceiling. New tiles, fixtures, tub's, showers. We replaced the treads and risers, on the main staircase, giving it a modern and fresh look. Interior doors and trim got some attention as well. The fireplace became a focal point. We built a new mantle and hearth, not just for aesthetics but for creating a cozy spot in the living room. We had to bring in three stages of scaffolding just to build the fireplace feature. The washer and dryer were built into a large closet so that they can be hidden behind a pair of french doors  – and a powder room was added into the space. Heading outdoors, the pergola was made so that anyone can sit and enjoy the back garden. Exterior doors got an upgrade for both security and energy efficiency. We also did a number of custom built-ins – including a little reading nook. It's those personalized touches that make a house feel unique and catered to the homeowner's lifestyle. This project wasn't just about making things look better; it was about enhancing the entire living experience.

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