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Open concept kitchen renovation with large black walnut island

Strathcona Kitchen Renovation

For this renovation, the client took on the task of knocking down an interior wall once we established that it was not load bearing. Removing that wall gave the area a more expansive feel but also allowed for better flow and more room for the new kitchen layout.


The kitchen windows got an upgrade as well. We eliminated one of the small windows to so that we could move the fridge and create more counter space. We also swapped out the main kitchen window for a much larger and updated window, bringing in more natural light.

The ceiling was scraped and redone so that we would end up with a smooth and modern finish. We reworked the kitchen lighting layout, ditching outdated fixtures and opting for LED pot lights.


We completely reworked the kitchen design, starting from scratch. The new layout needed to maximize countertop space and make it comfortable for two people to cook in the kitchen at the same time. The new cabinets where built and installed by Live Timber, with the clients needs and wants in mind. The floors were also updated along with the front door and patio sliding door.

As a contractor, it's always satisfying to see a vision come together and create a space that's not just renovated but genuinely improved.

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